Dance 8/9

During the school year we will work together to develop your technique and skills as a dancer. With a solid foundation of dance technique you will be able to explore and enjoy a variety of dance styles and genres. Whether you are interested in contemporary dance, hip hop, jazz, tap, break-dancing, musical theatre or any other style you can think of, it is essential that you have a solid foundation of technique. We will work on performance skills such as focus, dynamics, precision and stage presence. These skills will be valuable to you as a performer regardless of your specific interests in style. Dance class will focus on building a community in the classroom where you can feel comfortable to explore your own creative potential. This creative course emphasizes personal and social development. You will build skills in rhythm, coordination, strength, endurance, balance, focus, risk-taking, trust, memory, performance, technique, creativity, knowledge, and literacy in this fun yet demanding course. Daily classes will include a warm-up, across the floor, introduction to new concepts, review and choreography. This course will also include some written work, assignments and testing. Students will perform their final choreographic pieces in the Year-end Dance Showcase in May. It is our hope that as you refine your movement skills and work together as a community in this studio, you will build confidence, as well as a lifelong commitment to physical health and movement.

Course Outline 2018-2019


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