Dance Company

Offered in grades 9, 10, 11 and 12

This course is designed to give highly motivated students the opportunity to work with like-minded learners in a collaborative performance oriented ensemble on sophisticated repertoire in a variety of dance genres. This course is intended for students who may wish to pursue dance training after graduation. Students will have increased and varied performance opportunities, and will gain knowledge and an appreciation of local, national, and global dance communities.

One of the goals of this course is to take students through the stages of putting on a dance performance through the lens of the production team. This is a practical production based course, designed to prepare students to be in the studio, in the dance production office, on the stage, and a part of the pre and post-production operations.

The emphasis of this course is focused on the in-depth process of bringing a dance concept to the stage and the plethora of elements involved in making this happen.

Students learn about the interconnected roles and responsibilities of the people who work within a dance production or company/collective. They exhibit the requirements of leadership, teamwork, and commitment. They will illustrate back-stage and on-stage etiquette, front-of-house communication/protocol and problem solving strategies.

From concept to production completion, students learn the skills and attitudes necessary to create, manage and perform within a variety of dance contexts.


1) Enrolment in a grade-appropriate Dance course during the same school year

2) Entrance by audition, application/interview, and/or teacher approval.


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